Press Equipment

We specialize in high quality one through six color printing. We mix our inks in house using the Pantone standard and metallic inks for custom and consistant color matching.  Our finishing options include flood or spot, gloss or dull varnishes. At Simon Printing, we only use high-quality metal plates and film to ensure the highest quality printing for your jobs.

Our Press Equipment:

1999 Ryobi 3302H 2-color Twin Tower 13″ x 18″

Being a family owned busines

1997 Ryobi 582H 18” x 23” 2-color
(2) Chief 217 2-color 11” x 17”
Anitec Elite 22 Plate Processor
Theimer Plate Exposure System
X-Rite Densitometer
Stoesser Pin/Punch Registration System
Pantone Digital Ink Scale

The Printing and Presses are only as good as the operators. We have four of the highest experienced pressman who are real craftsmen in the trade. They are masters at custom ink mixing and fully understand the meaning of quality printing. You are welcome to come and presscheck your job, meet our pressman, and tour our facility, anytime.

Simon Printing Inc.
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